A Vista Feature to Embrace

Vista Vista Vista.

With official launch of the new Microsoft OS just hours away now, I have finally a feature that I can look forward to using. It is the Enhanced Audio Controls.

Microsoft has added functionality that allows you to independently control the volume of audio sources. This means that in Vista, you will be able to turn down the system sounds so Windows does not play them at the same volume as the music that you are listening to. Equally, you can shut off the audio generated while browsing on the web. This would allow you to listen to your own music on your machine while surfing through MySpace or YouTube and if a page decides to throw audio at you, you never have to hear it.

This Audio Improvements in Vista article from about two months ago explains the changes in far more detail.

I am still not rushing out to buy Vista, but it is good to find a feature that I will embrace in the future, after Vista SP1.