Sounds of the Game

This evening (Thursday - October 26th) I am sitting here watching the 2nd game of the 2007 World Series and trying tolerate another Fox broadcast. I cannot help but wonder why anyone at Fox would think it to be a good idea to skip a batter or two so that they can show their "Sounds of the Game" segments.

If Fox didn't cram ads into every free second of the game, they would have time to show segments like this without doing so at the cost of the viewers who are just trying to watch the game. If they are going to keep up with the massive number of ads, they should probably look at losing these extra audio/video "features".

Some one of these years, I wish that the MLB would offer a pay-per-view option for the playoffs where viewers could pay for a broadcast with their hometown announcers calling the playoff games. I would happily pay to hear the NESN folks calling the ALDS, ALCS, and World Series games. And I have to say that I would still order the pay-per-view even if my hometown team (Red Sox) were not playing in the championships.