Microsoft Expression Web

In the last few days I have started in on learning how to use Microsoft Expression Web.

While I normally try not to buy the first release of any product, this was a little different. I tried out the Beta a few months ago, realized that it was quite similar to the badly outdated copy of FrontPage 2003 that I was using, and decided to go with the upgrade. This app could have just been called FrontPage 2007, but I believe that Microsoft is trying to get away from the negative connotations of the name, FrontPage.

Problems that I have run into so far include:

  • inability to upload files to my web server via the built-in FTP connection or with the Front Page extensions that I have used in the past. (had to download FileZilla for FTP instead)
  • minor code errors all over the place
  • the disappearance of the Included Content option to create FrontPage Includes. (thankfully Expression Web still supports the code for the page includes)
  • the app frequently crashes when trying to do a Find/Replace on multiple files
I have spent some time looking for articles and sites discussing Expression Web. I have found that Any Expression Designs has a great page for Expression Web Tips. I have been to their site multiple times. I have also found that Expression Web Help has been a great resource. Regrettably, the actual Microsoft Forums for the product have not been of as much use.