Bank Cards

I went to my bank recently, opened a new account and got a new a Debit Card from the bank.

While I was at the bank, I mentioned to the Customer Service person that this was the third debit card that I had from their bank. The Customer Service person then asked, "How do you tell your debt cards apart?"

You see, they are all exactly alike. They feature the bank's logo on a blue background. The only thing different on each is the account number listed on the card. The last thing that I need to try to remember is more numbers, so I try to keep each card in its own place in my wallet.

Now, I could consolidate my debt cards by interlinking my accounts and just carrying one card. This would be great for withdrawing cash and making deposits via the ATM. The problem is that it would be bad for using the debit card against the individual accounts.

It turns out that when you assign multiple accounts to a debit card, one of the checking accounts becomes the primary account. When you make a debit card purchase, the money comes out of the primary account. If you want to be able to use the debit card against checking accounts #2 and #3, you are stuck carrying multiple debit cards.

Back to my conversation with Customer Service.

I asked "Why don't you offer cards in colors? Charge me like $5 extra and give me a debt card that has your logo on top a card colored in my choice of one color. You could offer a half dozen color choices". The Customer Service person seemed to think that this was a decent idea.

I would like for this to become a reality, though I probably will not see it in the near future.