See Me Watch

Yesterday I stumbled across a news article about a different kind of lottery website. It seems that these folks from Cambridge, MA decided to stream video of themselves scratching $10 Massachusetts Lottery Tickets and they say that they give 10% of their winnings to charity. I don't know if these people will make any money at this, but it is an interesting concept.

The site is called The people working the site spend part of their time scratching tickets for the camera and the rest of the time trying to kill the downtime between tickets. It really has a bit of a college radio flair to it.

After watching this for a few minutes, I found it to be somewhat amazing that bandwidth has gotten cheap enough that you can stream video 24/7 and not bankrupt yourself in the process (the SeeMeWin site can rely on the cost of the tickets to do that for them). Now the video isn't perfect on this site, but I am sure that this is one of those things where if they do make some money, the size of the video on the screen, and its quality, will slowly increase.

What impresses me about this is that it is simply different, not just another video agreggator or social networking site as most new websites seem to be of late. It is always a bit refreshing to find something with original content.