Final Frontier

At work, I receive the mail from a couple of public email addresses and these addresses have a habit of getting hammered with Spam. As a practical matter, I cannot filter spam on the server level because I need to be able to see what getting flagged as Spam and isolate it into a separate folder in Outlook.

For the past few years I have been using a program called MailFrontier Desktop to divert the spam out of my Inbox. MailFrontier was up to the task for a while, but lately it has started to miss more than it filters out.

Trying to solve the problem, I clicked the "check for updates" button in MailFrontier and found no updates available. I then took a look at their website. I found that now re-directs me to SonicWALL. It looks like they got bought out. I have no idea how long ago this happened; it could have been last week or last year.

Google still has a link to a live ordering page on the MailFrontier site so I could renew my annual license when it expires. Mind you this leaves me spending money on what is likely a dead product, while watching my Inbox fill with spam; not a good solution.

I spent a few minutes wandering around the SonicWALL site, but could not find an obvious upgrade/re-naming of the MailFrontier Desktop app. There is a software product there, but it is described as being for "qualified customers who need to protect 25 mailboxes to over 5,000 mailboxes using their own SMTP-based e-mail or for Managed Service Providers to use to protect the SMTP-based e-mail of their customers." This leads me to believe that I am not the target audience. I have to assume that the SonicWALL folks are not interested in my business as an individual.