Remembering Toll Free Phone Numbers

I recently upgraded to a Motorola Q Smartphone and ran into an interesting problem. I was trying to call a company who's toll free number was spelled out in the form of a word (to allegedly help me remember it). As it turned out, the knowing the word did not help.

When it comes to phones in my house: we have no land-line, my wife has a Blackberry, and I have this Moto Q. When I tried to dial the "easy to remember" number, I found that I did not have access to a phone that actually had the traditional letters on each digit of the phone's keypad. The number keys on both the Blackberry and the Moto Q are working double duty as part of the QWERTY keyboard on the devices.

To resolve the problem I had to find a site with the letter to phone key pads.

I felt this issue was worth noting as it just never would have occurred to me that it would be a problem to begin with.