Apathy & Support

Recently I found myself thinking about the 'Apathy' Demotivator.

There is a software that I use to convert video so that it is podcast friendly. The software had an update available for download. To get the update I had to login to the product's support site via a login form (choose product from drop down list, enter email address and registration code from my purchase email).

I typed my information into the form, but could not get logged in. I tried copying this info from the original email the company sent with my purchase. No change. I still could not get in.

I sent an email to their support group that told them them the nature of my problem. I explained what I chose from their drop-down list of products and what I had tried, including both copying & pasting and typing my info into their form and that neither had worked. And what did I get for my efforts? A canned response telling me to "try copying & pasting the information".

Now if their support rep had actually read my email, he/she would not have responded this way. It is possible that canned response emails solve a portion of a company's support requests, but I just cannot agree with this being their first course of action for support. It just leaves me feeling that my questions and concerns are not important to the company.

I did ultimately get this issue resolved after a few days, but I have to say that I actually liked their product a bit more before I had to deal with their support group. I may be overreacting here, but this is my human interaction with their company and I expected a bit more. I am left feeling less likely to recommend their product.