Paperless Billing

I was recently paying some bills and realized that I had not received a current invoice for my phone service. I logged into the company's website and found (much to my surprise) that the account had been switched over to "paperless billing". As I do not recall anyone ever asking me to opt-in to this service, I chose to switch it back to paper.

While it does go against my desire to be an early adopter of all things technology, I have to say that I am kind of partial to receiving paper bills. There are a few reasons for this is:

  • I am used to being able to open a drawer and find previous invoices instead of having dig around online and try to locate.
  • The vendor's website navigation perpetually changes from site tweaks and redesigns.
  • Most sites only keep a couple of months of history and going further back than that is challenging to say the least.
  • The paper copies always seem to contain more detail about charges.

As I look at the growing mound of paper recycling that I need to shred before sending out to the transfer station, I see that I will soon have to change my opinion on this. I will (hopefully) get over this longing for paper and come to accept that the green option here is to embrace the paperless billing.