Favorite Tweets from 2011

More often than not when I read Twitter, I do so from my iPhone.  While reading Twitter, I often flag items as favorites as a reminder to go back and take a look at them from a larger device.  As I appear to have slid past 100 favorites, I thought I would post of few of them here to keep them for future reference.

1. Embed Tweet

Link to a service (well, javascript) that allows folks to post tweets in a webpage and have them look like this tweets actually do on Twitter:


2. What it means to be Irish

Great post from Niall Harbison of SimplyZesty.

What It Means to Be Irish (contains dead link as of March 2015)

 3. Curried Cauliflower

I need to try this curried cauliflower recipe.  She (@summertomato) has posted it a couple of times and I still have not tried cooking it.  


4. Okkervil River

This is a tweet that lead me to one hell of a good live show when I was in Austin, TX back in April 2011.  Okkervil River is a great band to see live.

Okkervil at Scoots

5. Great Photo of the Moon

I have to agree with the author of this tweet.  It is a great moon photo.

Moon Photo  (contains dead link as of March 2015)

6. Data Visulization via BackBlaze

Good visual on 10 Petabytes of space and what it compares to

10 Petabytes Visualized