The other day my mother mentioned that she doesn't really use her computer at home because it takes too long to connect to the internet. You see, she is still using AOL dial-up.

I suggested that she (well, I) take a look at upgrading her connection to DSL, as it is about half the price of a cable connection and probably fast enough for her needs. In fact, when compared to the dial-up, it will seem speedy.

I took a look at the Verizon site to see what they have available for her and found that she actually lives in a place where FiOS is available. It struck me as ironic that FiOS should be available to my mother, who just doesn't need it, and not to me.

Ever since I first heard about FiOS, I have been chafing at the bit for access to it. And unless I move, this will not be happening soon. When I double-checked the FiOS availability for my address, the Verizon site didn't even recognize the name of my town so that I could join their "waiting list."

Along with the FiOS, Verizon does offer DSL service in my mother's area, so at least we can migrate her over to a wireless always-on connection that I will have the joy of supporting for years to come.