Round Corners on Images

Here is one more vote in favor of the concept that you can truly find anything on the web...

Today I was looking for a way to easily round the corners on some images to give a website a bit more of a smooth, polished look. Initially I looked for options on doing this in SnagIt or my aging copy of Photoshop 5. All of the options I found involved about two dozen steps and a bit of time.

Then I find this: EZ Rounded Corners

With this click of two buttons and a quick decision on the background color I wanted, my image appeared with perfectly rounded corners.

Hats off to these folks. What a perfect tool for the web.

Getting Music into iTunes

I ran across a Boston Herald article about a service for artists sending music to iTunes. The service is called TuneCore.

The folks at TuneCore will host your band's music files online and make them available customers via iTunes. This just seems like a great service that is cheap enough to be affordable to independent artists.

The TuneCore website has this example for pricing of a 5 track album:

iTunes U.S. store$0.99
iTunes Canada store$0.99
iTunes Japan store$0.99
Rhapsody service$0.99
Five songs at $0.99 each$4.95
First year's maintenance$19.98

The TuneCore service just seems like a great way to get your music out to the world without having to spend that much money or worry about the technology involved.