Paypal Virtual Debit Cards

I have to say that I like the concept of the PayPal Plugin. (While in Beta, this was formerly called the PayPal Virtual Debit Card.) This tool allows you to create a one-time or a one-site Debit Card for shopping on-line. The one-site feature is particularly nice because it allows for recurring charges, but still protects from fraud as the charges can come from only one website.
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Craiglist & Bookmarks

On any given day I access Craigslist from a few different computers. It would be nice to be able to bookmark a posting on Craigslist without having to remember what category and search parameters I used to find it or going back to the machine I was using at that time. This would save me from having to continuously email links to myself and/or browsing to some 3rd party site to save a link.

The folks at Craigslist should come up with a feature that gives a user the ability to log into their account and then bookmark postings. As items are removed from Craigslist, the bookmarks could change status to show that the item is no longer available.

This Craigslist bookmarking feature would be one of those things that would work quite well as long as they didn't overprice it. I would be quite comfortable paying a couple of bucks a month for this feature and as an added bonus, I would be supporting Craigslist in the process.

Round Corners on Images

Here is one more vote in favor of the concept that you can truly find anything on the web...

Today I was looking for a way to easily round the corners on some images to give a website a bit more of a smooth, polished look. Initially I looked for options on doing this in SnagIt or my aging copy of Photoshop 5. All of the options I found involved about two dozen steps and a bit of time.

Then I find this: EZ Rounded Corners

With this click of two buttons and a quick decision on the background color I wanted, my image appeared with perfectly rounded corners.

Hats off to these folks. What a perfect tool for the web.