1983 Volvo 240: The World's Fastest Baggage Handler


The text  portion of this ad states:

The World's Fastest Baggage Handler?

If there's a station wagon in the world that's faster than the Turbo Wagon from Volvo, it's a very-well kept secret.

The Turbo Wagon can take you from a standing start to the legal speed limit in 9.2 seconds.  As Motor Trend puts it: "You keep hoping for a stray Saab 900 Turbo or even a BMW uou can sniff out and then send scambling to the roadside while you blow its doors in."

We assure you, a test drive in the Turbo Wagon will be very revealing.

Especially if you thought the only time a station wagon could haul

was when it had something in the back.

The Turbo Wagon

By Volvo.