1984 Volvo 240 Ad: Fall in Love in 6.8 Seconds Flat

The test of this ad states:


Two years ago, Volvo introduced a turbo-charged 4-cylinder automobile that could hurtle you from a standing start to the legal speed limit in a scorching nine seconds.

This year, there's something faster. The Intercooled Turbo from Volvo. By designing a device to cool the air before it enters the engine, Volvo engineers increased the horsepower of our stock Turbo by 24%.

The result is what Car and Driver calls "a missile." A car that can outaccelerate a BMW 318i, blow the doors off a Saab 900 Turbo and leave an Audi 5000s in the dust.*

So if you're looking fora great handling, great-performing car, check out the Intercooled Turbo from Volvo.

And if you already own a Volvo Turbo, don't despair. You can have an intercooler retrofitted at your Volvo dealer. Then you can fall in love all over again.

The Intercooled Turbo By Volvo

*Based on test conducted by Car and Driver