1972 Volvo 140 Ad: In a Nation of Engineers, Bad Cars Don't Sell.

1972 Volvo 140 Ad

1972 Volvo 140 Ad

I enjoy these older ads because they are about the message and do not rely on just pictures to sell the car.  The text of this ad states:

In a Nation of Engineers, Bad Cars Don't Sell.

In Sweden, precision is a national preoccupation.

The smallest unit of measurement in the world is the Swedish Angstrom. There's one ten-millionth of a millimeter to every Angstrom.

A Swedish engineer developed the block gauge. A precision instrument that allowed a famous man from Detroit to enter into mass production of cars.

Today, Sweden is often referred to as a nation of engineers. Engineering is the largest industry, employing nearly 40% of the total labor force.

At Volvo alone, there are 517 engineers And only 27 stylists.

We have to put a lot of emphasis on engineering.

Since Volvo is the largest-selling car in Sweden, a lot of our customers are engineers too.


We build them the way we build them because we have to.    


See the Dealer Nearest You and Test Drive a Volvo with Electronic Fuel Injection.  Overseas Delivery Available.  1972 Volvo, Inc.