1979 Volvo 240 Ad: Lost 1,000 Pounds of Ugly Fat

The text of this ad states:


By Pat Fellman, as told to Volvo.

You wouldn't know it to look at me now, but I used to have a wagon that weighed two tons and felt a block long.

I thought that was the price you had to pay if you were a wife with kids, dogs and groceries to haul around.

One day, my oldest daughter, who had become very energy con-scious, said,'Mom, what are you driving that big thing for? Why don't you get something smaller?'

Then and there, I decided to lick this weight problem of mine.

First, I looked at the little station wagons. They felt tinny and unsafe. And they didn't hold much of anything.

Then I looked at the Volvo wagon. What a shock! It had almost as much room in back as

the monster I'd been driving. Yet when I drove it, it handled more like my husband's sports car. It felt safe, solid, maneuverable. It was easy to park. And I could

look over the steering wheel instead of through it.

Somehow, since buying that Volvo wagon, I feel more liberated."

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who have bought new Volvos are happy.

Why not follow the Volvo weight reduction plan yourself?

You have everything to gain.


A car you can believe in.

©1979 Volvo of America Corporation. Leasing Available.

1975 Volvo 240 Ad: Introducing the Evolutionary New 1975 Volvo


The text of this ad states:


Between smaller big cars, bigger small cars and smaller small cars, car makers are introducing a lot of "revolutionary" new cars this year.

But before you rush out to finance a revolution, consider the 1975 Volvo 240.

Years of careful evolution have created a car totally thought-out, from energy-absorbing bumper to energy-absorbing bumper.

Consider the Volvo windshield wiper. On most cars, wiper blades are shiny. And the

shine can end up in your eyes. To avoid this glaring fault, Volvo paints them

matte black.

All cars have head rests. Volvo's head rests have openings so you can see behind

you better.

So you can see beside you better, Volvo has another thought. Side window defoggers.

Not even the gas cap has gone unnoticed. It's red, so it's hard to lose. So it's less likely to be misplaced, we provide a place to put it: a holder behind the door.

When you add all these thoughtful little touches to Volvo's thoughtful big touches—

fuel injection, rack and pinion steering, 4-wheel power disc brakes, spring-strut front suspension, 12 outlet heating and ventilation, infinitely adjustable bucket seats with lumbar supports, child-proof rear door locks, steel belted radials, rear window defroster—you have a car which some people might consider revolutionary.

But to us it's simply a Volvo. A car which has evolved through years of careful

improvement into what it is today.

And what that is, is perhaps the world's most carefully thought-out car.

It's not surprising that a car like this would appeal to thoughtful people.

And the people who buy Volvos are thoughtful, indeed.

87% of them have been to college.The other 13% are just plain smart.


The car for people who think.

©1974 Volvo of America Corporation. Overseas Delivery Available.

1982 Volvo 240 Ad: You Could Drive One Years Before Unloading It


This ad features a great-looking 1982 Volvo Wagons. It also shows the three rim styles that were available at the time: the standard steel rims, the GL style rims and the 5-spoke Virgo style rims.

The text of the ad states:


Consider all the abuse a station wagon gets in its lifetime.

The endless shuttling from school to little league to piano lessons to home. The backseat battles that go on between the kids. The long hikes to weekend campsites. And all that hauling. Groceries, paneling, furniture, bicycles, lawnmowers.

People do things to a station wagon they would never do to a car.

And yet, Volvos in general have a life expectancy one third longer than the average of all Other cars on the road.*

Volvo offers a full family of wagons to choose from. From turbocharged sports models to Diesels to our finely appointed GL Wagon.

All of them deliver something far more important these days than the capacity to carry things.

The capacity to carry on.


A car you can believe in.

*Analysis conducted by Ken Warwick & Associates, Inc. Based on a comparison of U.S. registration data for all Volvos and for the automobile industry as a whole and not by individual make or models. Data includes all models and not just station wagons.

©1982 Volvo of America Corporation. Roof rack optional.

1979 Volvo 240 Ad: What Four-Letter Word Best Describes Your Car?


This is one of the few two-page Volvo 240 ads that I have seen.

The text of the ad states:


Some of the words people use to describe their new cars these days aren't fit to print.  Much less display on their bumpers.

But in a time when people are more than midly disappointed in the quality of new cars, Volvo is one car that's still well-made.  Which is one reason it's so well-loved.

In fact, statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who buy new Volvos are happy.

So why buy a car people swear at?

When you can buy a car people swear by.


A car you can believe in.

©1979 Volvo of America Corporation

1983 Volvo 240 Accessories Catalog

This is the 1983 Volvo 240 Accessories Catalog.  The shows a 1983 Volvo 240 Turbo with a great looking Virgo 5-spoke rim.

Page 12 of this catalog has a great item.  It is the R-Sport black v-neck Sweater.  Gotta wonder how many of these they sold:

Page 14 of the catalog has this great photo of the Volvo accessory gauge cluster:

View the whole 1983 Volvo Accessories Catalog.

1980 Volvo 240 Ad: Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

This ad features the last year of the old style quad round headlights.  It also includes a photo caption that says, "Bill Mozer with his new Volvo. And his family with his old ones."

The text of this ad states:

Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

When it comes to cars, the good don't die young. And Volvos are so well-made they seem to go on forever. (The current life expectancy of a Volvo is now up to 17.9 years in Sweden.)

Witness the case of William Mozer a broadcast engineer. Over the years he's bought five Volvos and they're all still in the family. You see, instead of trading in his old Volvo every time he wants a new one, he passes it on to a member of his family.
Because he believes his family is better off in a used Volvo than in any new car.

According to Mr. Mozer, "Every time I get a new Volvo, my family is as excited about it as I am. After all, they know someday it'll be theirs!'

So if you're tired of buying cars you run into the ground in no time, do as Mr. Mozer did. Buy a car that could run in the family for years.

A car you can believe in.

©1980 Volvo Corporation of America

1986 Volvo 240 Ad: Invest in Durable Goods

The text of this ad states:

Invest in Durable Goods

Volvo is a vehicle designed for investors interested in good performance over the long term.

Its not uncommon to see Volvos driving around with hundreds of thousands of miles on them. There's at least one Volvo, still in good health, with close to one million miles on it.

You can't ask for a better record of performance than that.

Your Volvo dealer has a blue chip selection of Volvo 240 sedans and wagons to choose from.

Execute your buy order today.

Roofrack optional. ©1986 Volvo North American Corporation.

VOLVO  A car you can believe in.

1982 Volvo 240 GLT Ad: 100 to 0 in 3.2 Seconds

Should I ever be lucky enough to own another 240, I would like it to be this model. The text of this ad states.

100 TO 0 in 3.2 seconds.

One of the few things more impressive than how fast the Volvo GLT can take you from 0 to 100 km/h is how fast, and safely, it can bring you back again.

The Volvo GLT has power-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels to help you stop straight and true.

The GLT's other handling features are equally impressive: rack-and-pinion steering, Macpherson struts, gas-filled shocks, heavy-duty sway bars front and rear, high-performance Pirelli P6 radials.

All of which would be totally unnecessary on an ordinary car. But as a short test drive will prove, the Volvo GLT is anything but.

1980 Volvo 240 Ad: At Last an Irrational Reason to Buy a Volvo

This ad shows a 1980 Volvo 240 GLT, with the gorgeous 5-spoke Virgo rims, cruising up a mountain road.

The text of this ad states:

At Last an Irrational Reason to Buy a Volvo

Over the years, Volvo has come to be known as one of the most sensible cars you can own.

So, sadly, people who pick their cars for more emotional reasons may have denied themselves the satisfaction of driving one.

But now there's a Volvo even for those to whom practicality takes second place.

The new Volvo GLT.

Its striking appear-ance is the first hint that the GLT is quite unlike its predecessors. But the proof's behind the small-diameter GT wheel.

A new four cylinder, fuel-injected overhead cam engine is standard equipment in our GLT, providing a level of acceleration and quick¬ness that many six cylinder engines have trouble matching.

And its handling offers a feature even harder to find: predict-ability. The GLT is designed to react the same in panic situations as it does in normal driving. So it not only presents the driver with no surprises, it can actually improve his performance.

Every GLT also comes fully-equipped with Volvo's more traditional virtues. Like an interior capable of comfortably accom-modating five full-size adults. Orthopedically contoured seats. And the superb engineering that's responsible for Volvo's famed life-expectancy: In Sweden, by latest count, an average 18.7 years.

Before you purchase a performance car, test-drive the new Volvo GLT.

The pure exhilara-tion you'll feel may have little to do with logic. But if your heart insists on a GLT, relax.

Your mind will be getting a Volvo.


A car you can believe in.


1979 Volvo Bertone Ad: For the Discriminating Investor

1979 Volvo Bertone AdI got to ride in a silver 1979 Volvo Bertone about 15 years ago.  The car was owned by a friend of a friend.  I recall being greatly jealous because she did not realize how nice of a car she was driving.  She thought it was just a hand-me-down from her father.

The text of this ad states:

For the Discriminating Investor, the Price of Gold is the Same as the Price of Silver.

The Bertone Coupe is a limited production 2+2 personal luxury-class touring car, now available in two rich, metallic finishes. And while neither is more valuable than the other, both embrace an automobile created for individuals who can appreciate — and afford — classic Italian craftsmanship and quality Swedish engineering.

The Bertone Coupe is masterfully assembled under the exacting eye of Nuccio Bertone. Inside, you encounter the smell and feel of soft, selected hides of furniture-grade black or beige Italian leather — painstakingly handstitched on every seat.

Of course, the pleasure you receive from the Bertone Coupe comes from more than what you see and touch. When you drive it, you will experience the quick response of a light-alloy, fuel-injected V-6 engine. And a suspension that enhances your sense of complete control, personal safety and comfort.

As is the case with gold and silver, however, the quantities of these remarkable automobiles will be limited. So in order to fully appreciate their beauty, it would be wise to contact your Volvo dealership quickly. Because no matter which Bertone Coupe you acquire, you'll find its value well worth the price.

The Bertone Coupe by Volvo®.

1981 Volvo 240: Bear Some Relationship

The ad states:


There are, fortunately, still some people in the world who can discern the difference between a car that's worth the money and one that's outrageously overpriced.

If you're one of them, you'll appreciate the Volvo GL.

It's an automobile that not only exhibits extraordinary workmanship and care of construction, It abounds in the refinements you'd expect in a fine prestige car: air conditioning, sun roof, power windows, orthopedically-designed front bucket seats, and a driver's seat that automatically heats up when the temperature falls be low 57 (All of these things, incidentally, are standard.)

In one place, and one place only, does the Volvo® GL fall short of other select imported luxury cars. In price.

Which simply means its now possible for you to purchase a fine European luxury sedan.

Without being taken for a ride.


A car you can believe in.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation. Electric Side Mirrors Optional

1981 Volvo Bertone: In Time Its Price

The text of this ad states:


There are very few things today still being made to uncompromising standards of quality. This is one of them. The Bertone Coupe by Volvo.

Examine its exterior and you notice immediately that the doors fit perfectly and the finish is flawless. This is because the Bertone Coupe is not merely assembled. It's hand-crafted. A distinc-tion it shares with only the world's most revered automobiles.

Inside glove-soft leather that's hand-fitted and stitched over every
seat will convince even the most ardent skeptic that superior workman-ship is not a thing of the past.

However, you needn't acquire a Bertone Coupe to own a car of truly remarkable quality. Any Volvo will admirably suffice.

In fact,Volvos are so well-made their aver-age life expectancy is now up to 18.7 years in Sweden.

Of course if you decide to invest in a Volvo, you'll need a respectable sum. But in return you'll get something that's hard to put a price on. A car you'll come to value.


A car you can believe in.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation

1979 Volvo 240: Cars People Swear By

The title of this ad states:



If that's what you have to say about the last new car you bought, you're not alone. More and more people today are thinking less and less of the way new cars are made.

But there's one group of people who can still talk about their cars without using X-rated words.

Volvo owners.

In fact, statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who buy new Volvos are happy.

And this year happiness conies in more forms than ever before. From Volvo's affordably priced DL sedans and wagons to the luxury class GLEs that
afford every comfort and convenience feature anyone could want.

There's also the Volvo GT that will give many of the world's most revered performance cars a run for their money. But it does it for thousands less.

And finally, the Bertone Coupe. A personal luxury car created for the individual seeking the ultimate mark of quality in an automobile; hand craftsmanship.

Whichever model you select, you'll be getting the quality, comfort and safety that make Volvo something quite uncommon in this day and age.

A car that's a blessing instead of a curse.


A car you can believe in.

©1979 Volvo of America Corporation