1982 Volvo 240 Ad: You Could Drive One Years Before Unloading It


This ad features a great-looking 1982 Volvo Wagons. It also shows the three rim styles that were available at the time: the standard steel rims, the GL style rims and the 5-spoke Virgo style rims.

The text of the ad states:


Consider all the abuse a station wagon gets in its lifetime.

The endless shuttling from school to little league to piano lessons to home. The backseat battles that go on between the kids. The long hikes to weekend campsites. And all that hauling. Groceries, paneling, furniture, bicycles, lawnmowers.

People do things to a station wagon they would never do to a car.

And yet, Volvos in general have a life expectancy one third longer than the average of all Other cars on the road.*

Volvo offers a full family of wagons to choose from. From turbocharged sports models to Diesels to our finely appointed GL Wagon.

All of them deliver something far more important these days than the capacity to carry things.

The capacity to carry on.


A car you can believe in.

*Analysis conducted by Ken Warwick & Associates, Inc. Based on a comparison of U.S. registration data for all Volvos and for the automobile industry as a whole and not by individual make or models. Data includes all models and not just station wagons.

©1982 Volvo of America Corporation. Roof rack optional.

1982 Volvo 240 GLT Ad: 100 to 0 in 3.2 Seconds

Should I ever be lucky enough to own another 240, I would like it to be this model. The text of this ad states.

100 TO 0 in 3.2 seconds.

One of the few things more impressive than how fast the Volvo GLT can take you from 0 to 100 km/h is how fast, and safely, it can bring you back again.

The Volvo GLT has power-assisted disc brakes on all four wheels to help you stop straight and true.

The GLT's other handling features are equally impressive: rack-and-pinion steering, Macpherson struts, gas-filled shocks, heavy-duty sway bars front and rear, high-performance Pirelli P6 radials.

All of which would be totally unnecessary on an ordinary car. But as a short test drive will prove, the Volvo GLT is anything but.

1982 Volvo 240 Ad: It Can Actually Make 55 M.P.H. Interesting


The text  portion of this ad states:


If you think that's impossible, you've never driven the Volvo Turbo.

A car whose handling equipment can turn a curve in the road or a trip to the supermarket into a driving adventure.

Its turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine can dust a V-8 off the line.  Automotive writers have described it as "A blast."Spectactualr." "Like cutting in an afterburner."

Maybe you think speed limits , emission controls and government milage requirements have made driving humdrum. But that's only because you don't own an interesting car.


By Volvo.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation

1982 Volvo 240: Fall in Love in 9 Seconds Flat


I also found a copy of this Volvo 240 'Fall in Love' ad via Google Books, showing it as originally included in the January 10, 1983 issue of New York Magazine .

The text  portion of this ad states:


The Volvo Turbo can hurtle you from a standing start to a maximum legal speed in a mere 9 seconds.

Its turbo-charged 4-cylinder enging can blow a V-8 off the road.  It has caused automotive writers to use descriptions like "Spectacular".  "A blast."  "Like cutting in an aftterburner."

If that's the kind of driving excitement you thought had vanished with the muscle cars of the past, test drive a Volvo Turbo.

It could rekindle your love affair with the car.


By Volvo.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation