1979 Volvo Bertone Ad: For the Discriminating Investor

1979 Volvo Bertone AdI got to ride in a silver 1979 Volvo Bertone about 15 years ago.  The car was owned by a friend of a friend.  I recall being greatly jealous because she did not realize how nice of a car she was driving.  She thought it was just a hand-me-down from her father.

The text of this ad states:

For the Discriminating Investor, the Price of Gold is the Same as the Price of Silver.

The Bertone Coupe is a limited production 2+2 personal luxury-class touring car, now available in two rich, metallic finishes. And while neither is more valuable than the other, both embrace an automobile created for individuals who can appreciate — and afford — classic Italian craftsmanship and quality Swedish engineering.

The Bertone Coupe is masterfully assembled under the exacting eye of Nuccio Bertone. Inside, you encounter the smell and feel of soft, selected hides of furniture-grade black or beige Italian leather — painstakingly handstitched on every seat.

Of course, the pleasure you receive from the Bertone Coupe comes from more than what you see and touch. When you drive it, you will experience the quick response of a light-alloy, fuel-injected V-6 engine. And a suspension that enhances your sense of complete control, personal safety and comfort.

As is the case with gold and silver, however, the quantities of these remarkable automobiles will be limited. So in order to fully appreciate their beauty, it would be wise to contact your Volvo dealership quickly. Because no matter which Bertone Coupe you acquire, you'll find its value well worth the price.

The Bertone Coupe by Volvo®.

1981 Volvo Bertone: In Time Its Price

The text of this ad states:


There are very few things today still being made to uncompromising standards of quality. This is one of them. The Bertone Coupe by Volvo.

Examine its exterior and you notice immediately that the doors fit perfectly and the finish is flawless. This is because the Bertone Coupe is not merely assembled. It's hand-crafted. A distinc-tion it shares with only the world's most revered automobiles.

Inside glove-soft leather that's hand-fitted and stitched over every
seat will convince even the most ardent skeptic that superior workman-ship is not a thing of the past.

However, you needn't acquire a Bertone Coupe to own a car of truly remarkable quality. Any Volvo will admirably suffice.

In fact,Volvos are so well-made their aver-age life expectancy is now up to 18.7 years in Sweden.

Of course if you decide to invest in a Volvo, you'll need a respectable sum. But in return you'll get something that's hard to put a price on. A car you'll come to value.


A car you can believe in.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation