1979 Volvo 240 Ad: What Four-Letter Word Best Describes Your Car?


This is one of the few two-page Volvo 240 ads that I have seen.

The text of the ad states:


Some of the words people use to describe their new cars these days aren't fit to print.  Much less display on their bumpers.

But in a time when people are more than midly disappointed in the quality of new cars, Volvo is one car that's still well-made.  Which is one reason it's so well-loved.

In fact, statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who buy new Volvos are happy.

So why buy a car people swear at?

When you can buy a car people swear by.


A car you can believe in.

©1979 Volvo of America Corporation

1980 Volvo 240 Ad: Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

This ad features the last year of the old style quad round headlights.  It also includes a photo caption that says, "Bill Mozer with his new Volvo. And his family with his old ones."

The text of this ad states:

Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

When it comes to cars, the good don't die young. And Volvos are so well-made they seem to go on forever. (The current life expectancy of a Volvo is now up to 17.9 years in Sweden.)

Witness the case of William Mozer a broadcast engineer. Over the years he's bought five Volvos and they're all still in the family. You see, instead of trading in his old Volvo every time he wants a new one, he passes it on to a member of his family.
Because he believes his family is better off in a used Volvo than in any new car.

According to Mr. Mozer, "Every time I get a new Volvo, my family is as excited about it as I am. After all, they know someday it'll be theirs!'

So if you're tired of buying cars you run into the ground in no time, do as Mr. Mozer did. Buy a car that could run in the family for years.

A car you can believe in.

©1980 Volvo Corporation of America

1981 Volvo 240: Bear Some Relationship

The ad states:


There are, fortunately, still some people in the world who can discern the difference between a car that's worth the money and one that's outrageously overpriced.

If you're one of them, you'll appreciate the Volvo GL.

It's an automobile that not only exhibits extraordinary workmanship and care of construction, It abounds in the refinements you'd expect in a fine prestige car: air conditioning, sun roof, power windows, orthopedically-designed front bucket seats, and a driver's seat that automatically heats up when the temperature falls be low 57 (All of these things, incidentally, are standard.)

In one place, and one place only, does the Volvo® GL fall short of other select imported luxury cars. In price.

Which simply means its now possible for you to purchase a fine European luxury sedan.

Without being taken for a ride.


A car you can believe in.

©1981 Volvo of America Corporation. Electric Side Mirrors Optional