1979 Volvo 240 Ad: Lost 1,000 Pounds of Ugly Fat

The text of this ad states:


By Pat Fellman, as told to Volvo.

You wouldn't know it to look at me now, but I used to have a wagon that weighed two tons and felt a block long.

I thought that was the price you had to pay if you were a wife with kids, dogs and groceries to haul around.

One day, my oldest daughter, who had become very energy con-scious, said,'Mom, what are you driving that big thing for? Why don't you get something smaller?'

Then and there, I decided to lick this weight problem of mine.

First, I looked at the little station wagons. They felt tinny and unsafe. And they didn't hold much of anything.

Then I looked at the Volvo wagon. What a shock! It had almost as much room in back as

the monster I'd been driving. Yet when I drove it, it handled more like my husband's sports car. It felt safe, solid, maneuverable. It was easy to park. And I could

look over the steering wheel instead of through it.

Somehow, since buying that Volvo wagon, I feel more liberated."

Statistics show that 9 out of 10 people who have bought new Volvos are happy.

Why not follow the Volvo weight reduction plan yourself?

You have everything to gain.


A car you can believe in.

©1979 Volvo of America Corporation. Leasing Available.

1995 Volvo 850 Ad: What on earth did they put in the Herring over there?

I saw one of these on Federal Street in Boston a few months ago.  This car is better than 15 years old and I still want one (or at least to drive one at some point in my life.)

The text of this ad states:

What on earth did  they put in the HERRING over there?

It says "Volvo" on it. There, all resemblance ends between Volvo as you know it and the limited edition, 240-horsepower, sport suspensioned, turbocharged performance machine you see pictured here. It's called the Volvo T-5R. It also comes in black.


©1995 Volvo Corporation of North America, Inc. A total of 1,000 T-5R limited edition cars produced. Always remember to wear your seat belt.

1980 Volvo 240 Ad: Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

This ad features the last year of the old style quad round headlights.  It also includes a photo caption that says, "Bill Mozer with his new Volvo. And his family with his old ones."

The text of this ad states:

Old Volvos Never Die. They Pass On.

When it comes to cars, the good don't die young. And Volvos are so well-made they seem to go on forever. (The current life expectancy of a Volvo is now up to 17.9 years in Sweden.)

Witness the case of William Mozer a broadcast engineer. Over the years he's bought five Volvos and they're all still in the family. You see, instead of trading in his old Volvo every time he wants a new one, he passes it on to a member of his family.
Because he believes his family is better off in a used Volvo than in any new car.

According to Mr. Mozer, "Every time I get a new Volvo, my family is as excited about it as I am. After all, they know someday it'll be theirs!'

So if you're tired of buying cars you run into the ground in no time, do as Mr. Mozer did. Buy a car that could run in the family for years.

A car you can believe in.

©1980 Volvo Corporation of America

Carlsbad Yellow Volvo Sedan (1981?)


This is a beautiful Volvo 240 Sedan that I saw in July 2010 in Jamaica Plain, near Boston, MA.  Looks like in may be an 1981 or 1982. Obviously, someone has taken great care of this car. 

It reminds me a lot of the 1981 Volvo DL Wagon that I had in the late 1980's.  My car was the same Carlsbad Yellow (Paint Code 128-2.)  This is definitely a rare color for the early 80's Volvos.  I recall seeing plenty of 240's that were in the pale-yellow shade, but far fewer like this Carlsbad Yellow one.