Email Pet Peeve

A decent portion of the email that I receive is definitely spam, but there are some fringe candidates in my Inbox as well. Often these borderline emails are sent from folks that are legitimately trying to market something to me. As there are email marketing companies out there that are actually concerned about the quantity of spam-flagged emails that are sent from their clients, I always look for an opt-out option before reaching for the spam button.

Printing from Acrobat Pro 8.1

I recently purchased and installed a copy of Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 (well, 8.1). I have been mostly pleased with this application, but while using it I have discovered that I have a new pet peeve.

When I go to print a document from Acrobat, a Print window is displayed and there are a number of choices that I can make regarding my print job. The vast majority of the time I am just looking to print one copy of the file, so I click the OK button and my file prints out. Every once in a while I need more than one copy, so when the Print window is displayed, I go to the Page Handling area and enter a larger number in the Copies option and click the OK button to have my job print out.

Why does Earthlink still send me mail?

About four years ago, I upgraded my internet connection from Earthlink DSL (768 Kbps) to Comcast Cable (6.0 Mbps) . Since then, every month or two, I receive mail from Earthlink asking me to come back.

While I appreciate that Earthlink might not know what kind of service I switched to, I still have to ask why they spend money trying to get me back. Unless they think that I switched to dial-up, how can they even try to compete for my business?

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