Seed and Plant Catalogs

On the train ride home from work last night I noticed that one my friends had a Burpee seed catalog with him. I remarked that I was surprised that Burpee still had a print version of their catalog and had not just gone web-only. He told me that he still gets loads of print catalogs for flowers, seeds and plants and orders from them on a regular basis.

My First Attempt at Growing Hops

In February, I went to Modern Homebrew Emporium in Cambridge, MA and placed my order for hops rhizomes. Figuring that this would be a muti-year effort, I decided to start by ordering one each of Cascade, Fuggle, and Goldings rhizomes and see how things went. The hops rhizomes arrived in late March. I had grand plans for how I would go about planting my rhizomes, but regrettably April found me down with a leg injury for a few weeks.
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