Downgrading my Cable TV package, again

Last week I called Comcast and requested that they downgrade my cable television service from the Digital Classic package to broadcast channels only. This is a rather fun conversation to have with the Comcast folks. Their procedure seems to require that they escalate the call at least twice to give a couple of supervisors a chance to talk the caller out of this decision. Despite their efforts, I prevailed and the service has been downgraded. This downgrade will save us about $50/mo.”  William Grady, October 2008

When I wrote that in October 2008, I thought that I was downgrading my cable forever.  

Apple Recycling Program and PowerON

A few months ago I decided that it was about time to upgrade my second-hand, iMac desktop (G5 2.0 GHz single-core PowerPC, 1GB Ram, 200GB hard drive, 17” display.) The computer had spent about a year suffering through problems booting and subsequent bouts of kernel panic. I probably could have reinstalled OS X but there would be little to gain from it. As configured this aging desktop was stuck with OS X Tiger…

New Computer

For the better part of the last decade and a half, I have made my living supporting folks in a Windows environment. I have guided users through the process of learning Windows and upgrading from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 to Windows 98 to Windows 2000 (happily skipping WinMe) to Windows XP to Windows 7.

Desktops & Wi-Fi

A couple of weeks a friend was telling me about a problem with her home computer. She said that she had internet access through her cable company and she has been connecting to the internet with a laptop for the last couple of years without incident. Recently she got a new desktop computer and started running into problems.

She has not been able to get the desktop to connect to the internet. After reaching out to cable company, she was told a tech would have to come out at a rate of $150+ per hour to get to the root of the problem. She decided to hold off on that to see if there was…

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