When my wife and I first started brewing back 2002, we made Red Ale a few time via True Brew extract kits.  The beer was good enough at the time, but as we moved past working with kits and into all-grain we just did not get back to brewing another red ale.

What follows here is my recipe for Fat Robin Barleywine.  This is my first barleywine and my first all-grain recipe that I designed from scratch using the Beer Smith 2 software.  I brewed this on January 19, 2014.  In late February 2014, I bottled this into some beautiful used 25oz swing-top bottles that I got used from Northampton Beer & Winemaking on King Street in Northampton, MA.  I also had labels made for this at Grogtag just because I liked that such a thing was possible.

While looking at the September 2012 issue of Brew Your Own homebrew magazine, I happened upon the "Homebrew Directory" section.  The secion consists of a list of homebrew shops by state.  I looked up my state (Massachusetts) and found that Homebrew Emporium had opened a new location in Weymouth, MA (which somewhat near my house.)  I was happy to discover this as there are not too many homebrew supply locations on the South Shore.

A while back I found beer recipes for partial-grain Saison and Milk Stout on*.  I brewed both of the recipes and was very happy with the results.

I took notes along the way on each of the brewing sessions.  I wisely posted my Saison recipe notes but never got down to doing the same with the Milk Stout recipe.  As this was a few years ago, both beers are long gone now and I can no longer find the Milk Stout notes.

Just requested my second round of print seed catalogs.  Here is what I sent off for:

My first replacement Nano has arrived!
About six weeks ago, I was reading the MacRumors website and found an article about the Apple recall of the first generation Nanos. The article explained that Apple was recalling first generation Nanos due to a battery issue. My wife and I each had Nanos a few years back, but I was unsure if they were first generation and eligible.
On the train ride home from work last night I noticed that one my friends had a Burpee seed catalog with him. I remarked that I was surprised that Burpee still had a print version of their catalog and had not just gone web-only. He told me that he still gets loads of print catalogs for flowers, seeds and plants and orders from them on a regular basis.