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While looking at the September 2012 issue of Brew Your Own homebrew magazine, I happened upon the "Homebrew Directory" section.  The secion consists of a list of homebrew shops by state.  I looked up my state (Massachusetts) and found that Homebrew Emporium had opened a new location in Weymouth, MA (which somewhat near my house.)  I was happy to discover this as there are not too many homebrew supply locations on the South Shore.

A while back I found beer recipes for partial-grain Saison and Milk Stout on*.  I brewed both of the recipes and was very happy with the results.

I took notes along the way on each of the brewing sessions.  I wisely posted my Saison recipe notes but never got down to doing the same with the Milk Stout recipe.  As this was a few years ago, both beers are long gone now and I can no longer find the Milk Stout notes.

Just requested my second round of print seed catalogs.  Here is what I sent off for:

My first replacement Nano has arrived!
About six weeks ago, I was reading the MacRumors website and found an article about the Apple recall of the first generation Nanos. The article explained that Apple was recalling first generation Nanos due to a battery issue. My wife and I each had Nanos a few years back, but I was unsure if they were first generation and eligible.
On the train ride home from work last night I noticed that one my friends had a Burpee seed catalog with him. I remarked that I was surprised that Burpee still had a print version of their catalog and had not just gone web-only. He told me that he still gets loads of print catalogs for flowers, seeds and plants and orders from them on a regular basis.
More often than not when I read Twitter, I do so from my iPhone. While reading Twitter, I often flag items as favorites as a reminder to go back and take a look at them from a larger device. As I appear to have slid past 100 favorites, I thought I would post of few of them here to keep them for future reference.
A few months ago I decided that it was about time to upgrade my second-hand, iMac desktop (G5 2.0 GHz single-core PowerPC, 1GB Ram, 200GB hard drive, 17” display.) The computer had spent about a year suffering through problems booting and subsequent bouts of kernel panic. I probably could have reinstalled OS X but there would be little to gain from it. As configured this aging desktop was stuck with OS X Tiger...