While looking at the September 2012 issue of Brew Your Own homebrew magazine, I happened upon the “Homebrew Directory” section.  The section consists of a list of homebrew shops by state.  I looked up my state (Massachusetts) and found that Homebrew Emporium had opened a new location in Weymouth, MA (which somewhat near my house.)  I was happy to discover this as there are not too many homebrew supply locations on the South Shore.

Yesterday, my wife and I were in the Weymouth area and decided to stop in to see what the Homebrew Emporium had to offer.  The shop is in kind of an odd location, consisting of a warehouse located in a predominantly residential neighborhood.  The warehouse itself is located right along the commuter rail tracks for the MBTA’s Kingston Line.

The shop was far bigger than I expected it to be.  They had a great selection of equipment and a fantastic grain room.  They also had a diverse selection of bottles, including growlers that you can bottle into. Turns out that the shop itself has been open since January 2012. 

We went in to the shop just to see what they offered, not intending to purchase much, but ended up picking up a few items.  I mentioned that I would like to brew a partial-grain red ale and the folks working gave me a copy of their recipe for Paddy’s Irish Red Ale.  We picked up the grains for the recipe and milled them, found the right hops, found some Wyeast Irish Ale liquid yeast, got some Irish Moss and two cans of golden light malt extract.  We also purchase a Banjo Cooker and a new Big Daddy Dial Thermometer.

I intend to go back to the Homebrew Emporium in Weymouth, MA in the near future and when I do I will be bringing a shopping list with me.

Homebrew Emporium in Weymouth, MA
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