Last night I was standing in the self checkout line in the local grocery store. I watched as all three of the people in line in front of me remembered to grab their coin change and nearly walked away without the paper money change.

This made me wonder how long it will take before the new 2007 Presidential dollar coins [updated link July 2020] start working there way into these machines. And I am sure that there are a number of technological reasons why distributing dollar coins would be easier than having to kick out paper bills for ones, fives, and tens.

Now, I am not entirely sure that I look forward to the possibility of getting $19.99 back in change in the form of 28 coins (19 dollars, 3 quarters, 2 dimes, and 4 pennies) from a self checkout machine. Gods willing this would be an uncommon occurrence.

Personally, I rather like these coins.

I started putting a roll of them in the center console of my car. They are quite handy for buying my morning coffee. I am sure that the coffee folks are happier to get a couple of dollar coins than to have to break yet another $20 bright and early in the morning.

US Dollar Coins

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