On the train ride home from work last night I noticed that one my friends had a Burpee seed catalog.  I remarked that I was surprised that Burpee still had a print version of their catalog and had not gone to web-only.  He told me that he still gets loads of print catalogs for flowers, seeds and plants and orders from them on a regular basis.

My friend listed off the different seed and plant catalogs that he receives and I took notes.  Later I looked them up to see who still mails out print catalogs in the United States. 

I appreciate that requesting print catalogs is not a “green” thing to do, but for flowers and seeds I just kind of like the catalogs.  I enjoy spending a couple of months slowly narrowing down my selections to the items that will fit into my yard’s color scheme.  For the past few years I have tried to do this online, but I find that the experience is not as enjoyable.  I am opting to go back to print catalogs for now, while the option still exists.

Low Hanging Fruit

This is what I initially found and signed up for:

One-Stop Shopping for Catalogs

Next, was eGardenersPlace* and it was a great find as it is a one-stop-shop for catalog requests.  From this one website, I signed up for catalogs from:

[Update: *eGardeneersPlace website no longer exists]

(This was part of an ongoing conversation that some fellow commuters and I were having on the train home from Boston for a bit.)

Seed and Plant Catalogs
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