If you should find yourself needing to go in for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) and the doctor asks if you want Valium (or something of the sort) for the procedure the answer to this question is YES.

It is not fun to have to lay face-down on a non-flat surface, be told that you cannot move for twenty-plus minutes, and then be placed into a confining tube. Even if you do not happen to consider yourself to be claustrophobic, this is not a pleasant experience.

At least there is the option of music. Mind you, they give you ear plugs first and then over the ear plugs, they place headphones onto your ears. The sound of MRI still drowns out the music at times. Not sure how many decibels the MRI rates in at, but it really must be an impressive number.

I had been thinking that this process would not be that dissimilar to an x-ray.

I was wrong.

Bring on the Valium

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