Milk Stout Homebrew Recipe (partial grain)

A while back I found beer recipes for partial-grain Saison and Milk Stout on*.  I brewed both of the recipes and was very happy with the results.

I took notes along the way on each of the brewing sessions.  I wisely posted my Saison recipe notes but never got down to doing the same with the Milk Stout recipe.  As this was a few years ago, both beers are long gone now and I can no longer find the Milk Stout notes.

Saison Homebrew Recipe

A few months ago I found a couple of good looking beer recipes at The first one I chose to try was a Milk Stout recipe. When brewing it, I had an issue with the White Labs yeast that I had used. It basically failed to activate. I had to make an emergency substitution with a couple of packets of Safbrew S33. This was the only other yeast that I had in my house at the time. The Safbrew S33 did the job and the Milk Stout turnecd out pretty good.

Today I am trying out a Saison Recipe. The recipe is called “Bridget’s Love Potion Saison” and here is my attempt at it:

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