I am definitely a newbie in the SEO realm, but here are a couple of free SEO tools that I have stumble upon in the last few months:

  • Trends from Google: Compare and contrast various keywords with this free utility. It doesn’t tell you actual numbers, but you can pick one popular keyword as a constant and compare other keywords to it. Gives you a decent feeling for what you should be aiming at when it comes to keywords.
  • Keyword Cloud Tool: Great way to visually find out what keywords are plentiful on your site. In fact, SEO Chat’s home page is loaded with a number of other free tools that are worth a second look.
  • Google Sitemap Generator: This is great site that will generate a XML sitemap file for free. There are a bunch of sites out there that say they will do this, but this one is the best one that I have found.
  • Good Keywords V2: This is a fantastic app that you can download and run locally. It will analyze your pages and make good one word and two word keyword suggestions.
Google Trends & A Few Other SEO Options

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