I went to the local Office Depot to pick up a new hard drive for a PC that I am rebuilding. As I have not really needed a drive recently, the specs that I had in my mind were: IDE interface , 7200 rpm, and a capacity of about 80 Gigabytes (GB).

I was correct on the first two options, but definitely off on the drive capacity.

I initially chose a Maxtor 160 GB model that was priced $72.99. Then I realized that they had a Maxtor 300 GB with a 16MB cache for only $84.99. As a bonus, the 300 GB drive had a sticker on the box that said the drive inside was actually a 320 GB.

Doubling the drive capacity for $12 seemed like a good idea, so I bought it. Now I have no idea what I actually need a 320 GB drive for, but I do know that it will get filled up. They always do.

I am quite sure that a couple of years from now I will be out at store looking at multi-terabyte (TB) drives trying to figure out how I survived so long without one. I definitely remember this being the case when the hard drives grew from megabytes into gigabytes.

Choosing a New Hard Drive
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