Volvo 740 GLE Ad
Volvo 740 GLE Ad

Not sure what year this ad is from.  Guessing that it is about 1987

The text of this ad states:

Own a Car That Will Be a Comfort to you in its Old Age

The doors on a new Volvo 740 GLE open to an amazingly wide seventy degrees.  This means the mere act of slipping into something more comfortable is now, in itself a whole lot more comfortable.

The front seats in a newVolvo 740 GLE may be independently heated and afford you all manner of adjustments including height and lumbar support.  This means a trip across the country will prove to be every bit as comfortable as the one you take to the corner store for milk.

Inside the glove compartment of every new Volvo 740 GLE, you’ll find the details concerning Volvo’s industry leading roadside assistance program appropriately named “On Call”.

This means should you ever require help in your travels, you’ll get it. Twenty-four hours a day.

But best of all every new Volvo 740 GLE comes with Volvo’s legendary reputation for steadfast dependability and rock like durability.

This means that unlike most cars which merely grow old, your new Volvo 740 GLE will grow old gracefully.

And isn’t that a comforting thought?


A car you can believe in.

Volvo 740 GLE Ad: Own a Car That Will Be a Comfort
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