I saw one of these on Federal Street in Boston a few months ago.  This car is better than 15 years old and I still want one (or at least to drive one at some point in my life.)

The text of this ad states:

What on earth did  they put in the HERRING over there?

It says “Volvo” on it. There, all resemblance ends between Volvo as you know it and the limited edition, 240-horsepower, sport suspensioned, turbocharged performance machine you see pictured here. It’s called the Volvo T-5R. It also comes in black.


©1995 Volvo Corporation of North America, Inc. A total of 1,000 T-5R limited edition cars produced. Always remember to wear your seat belt.

1995 Volvo 850 Ad: What on earth did they put in the Herring over there?
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